USA Heavy Equipment solutions in Power Generation are specialized for the Caribbean, Central and South America and emerging markets, with a strong focus in Industrial, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Mining and Construction applications.  

The company's main driver in this field is its ability to customize solutions which can range from, kWh sale on consumption base, Lease and Operation of Permanent and Temporary Generation Parks and Generators or components sales and buy backs.


Quick deployment of parallel systems of diesel powered generators for different applications:


- Emergency Relief

- Special Events

- Industrial Production Plants

- Others

Solutions ranging from 3 to 15MW, Diesel powered or hybrid Gas-Diesel


Custom programs for long term and larger amount of units.  Ideal for customers with remote branches, multiple facilities and even portable repetitive operations.  Examples are:

- Telecommunications Antennas Power Backup

- Oil and Gas Rigs and Drilling Locations

- Gas stations

Services are designed case by case to maximize financial efficiency of customer's operation