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SUB TO RE46608

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Electric components A-8496 is a sub-component to the larger and more complex Re46608 element. It is a uniquely designed component that is used in most industrial, agricultural, and home appliances. A-8496 is mainly used in electrical systems of high-performance motors and provides a relatively high degree of protection from over-voltage & under-voltage situations. The component is also resistant against shock, vibration, corrosion, and other wear and tear.

The A-8496 is constructed with a tough, solid black, and heat-resistant polymer material. It is designed with a special locking mechanism in order to secure its electrical connections. Its stainless steel screws are durable, reliable, and easily adjustable which makes this part a safe and dependable addition to any electrical system. The size of the component is about 13.3 cm x 8.8 cm x 5 cm.

The A-8496 is also designed with precision allowing adequate flow through the electrical system. It ensures power supply efficiency and also provides mitigation to disturbances in the electrical system. Since the part is designed for high performance and compatibility, it needs little to no maintenance. Thus, it is ideal for a wide range of industrial and home appliances that require protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, shock, and vibration.

Overall, A-8496 is a robust, reliable, and efficient electrical component that provides a safe and dependable electrical system. It is designed to endure numerous circuit load conditions and provides adequate flow through the system without sacrificing performance and protection. Not to mention, its unique design and easy-adjustment make it an ideal choice for industrial, agricultural, and home appliances.


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