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The CASE A172038 is a radiator intended for use with various CASE machines, such as backhoes, excavators, and loader tractors. Radiators are a vital component of any heavy equipment’s cooling system. The CASE A172038 radiator is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that it meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturer specifications. As a result, customers can be certain that this spare part will function correctly and offer reliable performance for their machines.

The CASE A172038 radiator is constructed with high-strength materials that can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The radiator’s fins are designed to optimize the cooling airflow, increasing heat transfer and coolant performance efficiency. This spare part has a robust build, capable of handling high-pressure transference of fluids without developing leaks and other problems.

The radiator has a copper core designed for superior heat dissipation and features a durable aluminum body that is highly resistant to corrosion. Moreover, its design allows for easy installation. The radiator comes equipped with all necessary bolts, fittings, and hoses. As such, CASE equipment owners can save time and resources that would be otherwise spent shopping for additional parts or hiring a qualified technician to install this spare part.

In conclusion, the CASE A172038 radiator is a high-quality, reliable, and robust component that is essential for keeping CASE machines functioning correctly and safely. This radiator is designed to keep machine temperatures within optimal ranges, extending the lifespan of the engine and other critical components. Customers can rely on the CASE A172038 radiator to deliver consistent performance, durability, and value for their investment. It is a spare part that not only keeps heavy equipment running but also contributes to efficient, safe, and productive work environments.


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