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The International A190182 is a clutch torque limiter that is used to regulate the amount of torque that is transmitted from the engine to the wheels through the clutch system. The torque limiter is a crucial part of the clutch assembly, tasked with protecting the clutch and transmission system from damage by limiting the amount of torque that can be transmitted.

The clutch torque limiter is designed to prevent over-torque conditions by slipping when the maximum torque rating is reached. This function is critical in preventing clutch damage due to overload, reducing the need for frequent clutch replacements. The International A190182 clutch torque limiter is designed to work with International brand trucks, specifically for the A-Series trucks.

The A190182 torque limiter works by transmitting torque from the drivetrain to the input shaft of the gearbox. The torque is then regulated by the integrated mechanism that includes springs, plates, and other parts that resist the clutch’s over-torquing. When the maximum torque rating is reached, the torque limiter slips, thereby reducing or stopping torque transmission until the load is reduced.

The clutch torque limiter is an essential OEM spare part that is often required in any truck repair or maintenance shop. It is made of high-quality materials, including steel and brass, that are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions. It is also designed for ease of installation, ensuring that it can be installed quickly and efficiently, thereby minimizing the downtime of the truck.

The International A190182 clutch torque limiter is an important spare part that ensures reliable and smooth operation of the clutch system. It is recommended that damaged or worn-out torque limiters be replaced immediately to prevent damage to other truck parts and to ensure the safety of the truck and driver. It is a durable and reliable spare part that is bound to enhance the productivity and efficiency of any trucking business.


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