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The CASE A24652 is a steering arm spare part that is specifically designed for the construction and agricultural machinery produced by the CASE Equipment brand. It is a vital component of the steering mechanism employed in these machines, and it is responsible for controlling the movement of the wheels. The steering arm is also responsible for maintaining the stability of the machinery while it is in motion.

The steering arm, or steering linkage as it is sometimes referred to, is an integral part of the vehicle’s steering system. It is attached to the steering gearbox and the steering wheel, and it transmits the steering signals from the driver’s inputs to the wheels. This spare part allows the wheels to turn at the right angles to effectively steer the machinery, thereby ensuring that it remains on course.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the CASE A24652 steering arm is designed to withstand the demands and challenges of heavy-duty usage. It is made from strong, durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and optimum safety while on the job. The steering arm is designed for easy installation and is guaranteed to fit and function perfectly.

In addition to enabling the machinery to be steered effectively, the CASE A24652 steering arm is also designed to enhance safety and stability. It is built to withstand extreme operating conditions while providing accurate and reliable steering performance. With a properly functioning steering arm, machinery operators can safely and confidently navigate rough terrain and challenging working environments.

In conclusion, the CASE A24652 steering arm is a highly essential spare part for heavy-duty construction and agricultural machinery. It is designed to provide reliable and accurate steering performance, ensuring safe and efficient operation of these machines. Its durability, strong construction, and ease of installation make it an ideal spare part for machinists and mechanics looking to keep their equipment running smoothly.


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