SUB TO A34459 (PART #A34459-RN)


SUB TO A34459

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Rigid Mount for CASE-IH Tractors

The CASE A34459-RN is a rigid mount designed and manufactured by CASE-IH for their line of tractors. This spare part is a substitute to the A34459 and was designed as a direct replacement for the earlier part to ensure greater compatibility between different generations of tractors and other farming equipment.

The primary function of the A34459-RN is to provide a stable and secure mounting point for a range of components, including tanks, hitches, and other implements. The rigid mount is constructed using high-quality materials that are engineered to withstand the rigors of extended use in agricultural settings.

The part is specifically designed for use with CASE-IH tractors and other compatible equipment, providing a seamless integration that is essential for optimal performance. The rigid mount is also designed to be easy to install, ensuring that farmers can quickly and easily get their tractors back up and running in the event of a breakdown.

CASE-IH is committed to providing high-quality replacement parts that are engineered to meet the exacting standards of their equipment. The A34459-RN is no exception, providing farmers with a reliable and durable solution that ensures their tractors can operate at peak efficiency over the long term.

Overall, the CASE A34459-RN is a vital spare part for any farmer who owns a CASE-IH tractor or similar equipment. Its robust construction, ease of installation, and compatibility with a range of other components makes it an essential part of any farming operation that requires a secure and stable mounting solution. Whether used for planting, tilling, or other farming activities, the A34459-RN is an ideal choice for maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime in any agricultural setting.


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