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SUB TO A39344

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The CASE INTERNATIONAL A35604 is a spare part that is designed for agricultural machinery, specifically for tractors produced by Case International. This particular part is a sub to A39344, which means it serves as a direct replacement for the original part. Case International is a renowned manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery, and their spare parts are widely recognized for their quality and durability.

The A35604 part is used in the clutch assembly of Case International tractors. The clutch is an essential component of tractors, as it allows the operator to disengage the transmission from the engine to prevent stalling or damage when shifting gears. The A35604 is specifically used in the clutch release bearing assembly, which is responsible for releasing the clutch when the vehicle is in motion. This part is made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability in the field.

One of the primary advantages of the A35604 as a replacement part is that it offers equivalent performance to the original A39344 part, but at a lower cost. This makes it an excellent choice for farmers and agricultural businesses who need to replace multiple parts in their equipment while keeping costs down. Additionally, the A35604 is readily available through Case International dealers and distributors, ensuring that it is easily accessible to anyone who needs it.

In conclusion, the CASE INTERNATIONAL A35604 is an essential sub-component in the clutch assembly of Case International tractors. It offers reliable performance and durability comparable to the original A39344 part, but at a lower cost. With its ready availability through authorized dealers and distributors, Case International ensures that farmers and agribusinesses have easy access to the spare parts they need to keep their equipment running smoothly.


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