PP 11″ 3 LEVER 29 SPL (PART #A37566)


PP 11″ 3 LEVER 29 SPL

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The CASE INTERNATIONAL A37566 is a spare part that is essential in the operation of several agricultural machinery. It is a PP 11” 3 lever 29 SPL, which means that it is a PTO (Power Take-Off) drive shaft that has an 11-inch diameter and 3 levers. The 29 SPL refers to the number of spines or grooves on the shaft that mesh with another spline on the equipment it is attached to.

This spare part is manufactured by Case International, a leading company in the agricultural industry. The A37566 is specifically designed for use with their machinery and is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. This part is crucial to the operation of equipment such as hay balers, tillers, and mowers.

The PP 11” 3 lever 29 SPL allows for a smooth transfer of power from the tractor to the equipment. The 3 levers provide versatility, allowing the operator to adjust the power output to match the needs of the task at hand. This saves time and energy, and also reduces the chances of damage to the machinery.

One of the key features of the A37566 is its easy installation process. It fits seamlessly into the machinery, and once installed, provides reliable and efficient performance. Maintenance is also simple, as it requires periodic greasing to keep it functioning correctly.

Although it is a small part, the A37566 is an essential component of many agricultural machines, ensuring that they operate at their optimal level. Its durability and efficiency make it a smart investment for farmers and agricultural workers who rely on their equipment for daily operations. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient PTO drive shaft, the Case International A37566 is an excellent choice.


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