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The CASE INTERNATIONAL A37922 is a transmission disc that is essential for smooth operation of the transmission system in a Case International tractor. This spare part is made of premium-grade materials that ensure its durability, reliability, and efficiency. It is designed to handle the intense pressure and high rotational forces generated by the transmission system, providing a stable and dependable connection between the transmission and the engine.

The A37922 transmission disc features a non-porous surface that prevents hydraulic fluid from seeping between the surfaces of the disc and the transmission system, resulting in better performance and longer life. The disc is also equipped with friction pads that enable a smooth transition between the gears, reducing shock and vibration and prolonging the lifespan of the transmission system.

Installation of the A37922 transmission disc is easy, and it can be done by a skilled mechanic with basic knowledge about tractors. Once the old disc is removed, the new one can be installed in its place, and the transmission system can be reassembled. It is important to note that the installation process must be done carefully to ensure that the transmission disc is properly aligned and torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The A37922 transmission disc is a crucial component of Case International tractors, and its importance cannot be overstated. Without it, the transmission system would be unable to operate, and the tractor would lose its functionality. A faulty or damaged transmission disc can cause serious problems, including transmission failure, decreased engine power, and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that this crucial spare part is inspected regularly, and that it is replaced immediately when damaged.

In conclusion, the A37922 transmission disc is a high-quality spare part that offers a reliable and efficient solution for transmission needs in Case International tractors. Its premium-grade materials, non-porous surface, and friction pads ensure a smooth and dependable connection between the transmission and engine. By choosing the A37922 transmission disc, you can be confident that your Case International tractor will operate at its best and ensure a long-lasting and dependable workhorse for many years to come.


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