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The CASE INTERNATIONAL A39213 is a Pressure Plate Assy 11″ and is an essential spare part for the farming machinery. It is designed to work with the clutch plate to make sure that power gets transmitted between the engine and the gearbox smoothly. The pressure plate assembly is an essential component in a farm tractor or a harvesting machine, as the machine’s clutch will not work efficiently without it.

This pressure plate assembly uses a spring mechanism that presses the clutch plate against the flywheel, which is connected to the engine. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the spring tension is released, and the clutch plate is disengaged from the flywheel. When pressure is applied, the plate engages the engine and transmission, thus allowing the machine to start moving.

The CASE INTERNATIONAL A39213 is specifically designed to meet all the required standards to ensure excellent performance and service life. Made of high-quality materials, this pressure plate assembly assures maximum durability and reliability. The 11″ pressure plate diameter is optimal for fitting in most farming machines that require a 11″ clutch plate.

The CASE INTERNATIONAL A39213 is quick and easy to install, allowing a hassle-free replacement process and requires little to no maintenance. This spare part will contribute to the smooth operation of the whole machinery, ultimately translating into higher productivity and lower downtimes.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and high-quality pressure plate assembly for your farming machinery, the CASE INTERNATIONAL A39213 Pressure Plate Assy 11″ should be your first choice. This spare part is engineered to the highest standard and has been successfully tested to ensure the best possible performance. The CASE INTERNATIONAL A39213 will help to maximize uptime, reduce repairs, and increase the overall efficiency of the machinery.


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