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SUB TO A157336

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The CASE INTERNATIONAL A41956 is a highly sought-after spare part that is known for its durability, compatibility, and reliability in the agricultural industry. It is a universally recognized part that is used in the construction of CASE INTERNATIONAL tractors. It is considered to be a SUB TO A157336, which is a variation of the same spare part.

The CASE INTERNATIONAL A41956 is an essential spare part that is an integral component of the tractor engine. It is designed to perform a vital function that ensures the efficiency of the tractor. The A41956 serves as a hydraulic pump for the tractor’s hydraulic transmission system. It pumps hydraulic fluid to the various components of the tractor, including the hydraulic lift cylinders, steering, and brakes.

This spare part is made from high-quality materials and manufactured to meet the strict standards and specifications set by CASE IH, the leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The A41956 is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, making it highly durable and long-lasting.

One of the key features of the CASE INTERNATIONAL A41956 is its compatibility with other parts of the tractor. It is designed to fit seamlessly into the hydraulic system of CASE INTERNATIONAL tractors, providing an easy and hassle-free replacement for the original part. Additionally, the A41956 is also compatible with a wide range of other agricultural equipment, making it a versatile and valuable component for farmers and agricultural professionals around the world.

In summary, the CASE INTERNATIONAL A41956 is a top-quality spare part that is essential for the smooth and efficient operation of CASE INTERNATIONAL tractors. Its ability to withstand heavy use, compatibility with other parts, and reliability make it an indispensable component of any farming operation. Whether you are repairing a faulty hydraulic system or undertaking routine maintenance, the A41956 is an excellent choice for keeping your tractor running at peak performance.


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