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John Deere AE28073 is a sickle, which is an essential part of any farming, mowing, or harvesting machine. This spare part is designed to fit on various John Deere machines. It ensures smooth operation, high performance, and efficient cutting of crops like hay, wheat, and other grasses.

The AE28073 sickle is made of high-quality materials, which make it strong and durable. This feature allows it to endure harsh conditions such as heat, wetness, and high-speed rotations, without getting damaged. Additionally, the sickle’s design ensures easy installation or removal, which makes it convenient for maintenance.

The sickle features a long blade that is serrated along its edge, with sharp teeth that cut through any grass or crop with ease. Its sharpness ensures that the crop is cut evenly across the entire length. The teeth are set in a way that ensures it doesn’t jam or get clogged up with the cut crop. The design ensures that the sickle has minimal friction with the crop, which reduces its wear and tear. The minimal wear and tear translate to low maintenance costs and longer machine life.

The AE28073 sickle is a vital component in John Deere mowers, combines, and headers. It’s compatible with several other John Deere models like John Deere 2280, 2421, and 2422, making it versatile. This compatibility allows users to replace old or worn-out sickles with ease, to ensure that their machines remain in tip-top working condition.

In conclusion, John Deere AE28073 is an excellent spare part for farmers who value efficiency, performance, and durability. Its high-quality construction, sharp teeth, convenient installation, and compatibility with multiple machines make it a reliable choice. It’s perfect for frequent mowers or harvesters who want to cut crops efficiently in the shortest time possible, saving time and effort in the process.


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