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The JOHN DEERE AE36865 is a crucial spare part for farm equipment enthusiasts, as it provides the necessary support for the clutch system. A clutch is the mechanical component of a farming machine that disconnects the power transmission from the engine to the transmission gears. It is an essential part of any vehicle as it allows the driver to control the vehicle’s movement and speed.

The AE36865 clutch plate is a robust and heavy-duty part that is designed to endure extreme stress and pressure. It is made from top-quality materials that provide durability and longevity, ensuring that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and hefty workloads.

The plate clutch is specifically designed to interlock with the other clutch components, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition during the clutch engagement and release. It helps to reduce the effects of shock and vibration generated during the operation of the clutch system, protecting other parts from wearing out quickly.

The AE36865 clutch plate is compatible with a range of John Deere farming machines such as the 20, 30, 40, 50, and 55 Series tractors. It is a genuine John Deere part that meets all the quality standards set by the manufacturer. As such, it guarantees maximum efficiency and performance, enhancing the overall productivity of the farming machine.

When it comes to maintenance, the AE36865 clutch plate is straightforward to install, requires minimal maintenance and upkeep, and is readily available in the market. It is advisable to change the clutch plate whenever the clutch is being serviced or replaced to ensure minimal downtime and avoid further damage to other vital components.

In summary, the JOHN DEERE AE36865 clutch plate is an integral spare part for any farming equipment enthusiast. It provides the necessary support for the efficient operation of the clutch system, ensuring that the vehicle operates smoothly with minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Its durability, compatibility with John Deere farming machines, and straightforward installation make it a must-have spare part for any farmer.


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