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The John Deere AH116660 is a Sieve Shoe Frame that is an essential component of harvesting machines. It is used for most John Deere combines, such as the 9400, 9410, 9550, and 9660. This part is made from high-strength metal alloy and is strong and reliable. It holds the sieve shoe and separates the grain from the straw and chaff. It is designed with two square holes on the sides for easy installation.

The John Deere AH116660 is especially important for harvesting combines to ensure the highest efficiency and quality of the grains. This part is rugged and designed to hold up in harsh weather conditions. It features an anti-slip design to prevent slipping during operation. It is also rust resistant to ensure optimal conditions and performance.

This Sieve Shoe Frame was specifically designed for the John Deere combines listed above, so other combines may not be compatible. It is easy to install and use with basic maintenance required. This part is solid and offers years of reliable performance. The John Deere AH116660 is the perfect choice for farmers who need a durable and dependable part for their harvest machines.


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