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The JOHN DEERE AH130380 is a chaffer-deep tooth, which is a spare part designed to be used in John Deere combines. Chaffers are a crucial component of combine harvesters. They are designed to separate the seeds from the unwanted chaff, leaves, and other debris that are harvested in the field. The chaffer’s role is to allow the seeds to pass through while keeping the chaff and other materials separated. The deep-tooth chaffer design of the AH130380 offers a more efficient and effective separation of the crop materials, enhancing the quality of the harvested seeds.

These chaffer-deep tooth spare parts are made of high-quality materials and designed to work with specific John Deere combine models. It is essential to use genuine spare parts to ensure the reliability and safety of the combine. JOHN DEERE AH130380 is specifically designed to work with the John Deere 9455, 9555, 9655, 9755, 9560, 9660, and 9760 model combines. These parts are essential to keep the combine running smoothly and efficiently during the harvest season.

If a chaffer-deep tooth is worn out, it can cause various issues like poor seed separation, reduced seed quality, and increased operating costs. Replacing worn-out or damaged parts like the AH130380 can help keep the combine working smoothly, reduce downtime, and avoid additional costs of repairs or fixing other parts that may be affected by the worn-out chaffer.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AH130380 is an essential spare part for John Deere combines. Its unique chaffer-deep tooth design enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of crop material separation, ensuring high seed quality. Working with genuine John Deere parts is essential to maintaining and optimizing the performance of your combine harvester and avoiding costly repairs. If you own a John Deere combine, investing in genuine spare parts like the AH130380 is a smart move that will help keep your machine running as it should during the critical harvest season.


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