SUB TO AH172949 (PART #AH149551)


SUB TO AH172949

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The John Deere AH149551 is a spare part that serves as a substitute for AH172949. John Deere is a well-known brand in the agricultural industry, and AH149551 is one of their top-quality spare parts. It is a hydraulic oil cooler that plays a critical role in maintaining the temperature of the hydraulic oil in John Deere heavy-duty machinery.

The AH149551 is designed as a plug-and-play replacement for the AH172949. It features an exceptional build quality and is made from the highest quality materials to prevent leaks and withstand the rigors of agricultural work. The cooler is also designed to provide maximum performance, ensure optimal longevity, and minimal maintenance.

The hydraulic oil cooler’s primary function is to dissipate heat from hydraulic fluids used in John Deere equipment. It does this by allowing the fluid to circulate through its passages and transferring the heat to the surrounding air. It significantly reduces the temperature of the hydraulic fluid and ensures that it stays in its optimal operating range.

John Deere makes it easy for users to replace the AH172949 with the AH149551. There are no modifications needed because the replacement part is designed to fit seamlessly in place of the original. The cooler also includes all the necessary hardware and seals for a hassle-free and efficient swap.

In the long run, using the AH149551 instead of the AH172949 can help farmers save money. The former has a higher resistance to cracking and leaks, which translates into fewer replacements over the life of the equipment. Overall, the AH149551 is an ideal replacement part for John Deere heavy machinery that ensures maximum performance and reliability.


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