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The John Deere AH151120 is a critical component that forms part of a harvester’s mechanism. It belongs to the Grate Beater series and comes with a wide body. The Grate Beater is largely responsible for threshing and sorting the crop that is picked up by the harvester. Its role is paramount in the harvesting process, ensuring that the crop is efficiently separated from chaff and straw. The AH151120 is a spare part that is essential for John Deere harvester owners who want to maintain a smooth and efficient operation.

The Grate Beater’s grooves are a crucial factor that helps to increase the efficiency of the threshing process, allowing the crop to pass through smoothly and separating the key component – grain – from the byproduct. The AH151120 has been designed with a ‘wide body’ which refers to the distance between the teeth. This design feature ensures that the harvester’s Grate Beater can handle a wider range of crops that are of different sizes. This spare part will ensure that owners can harvest different varieties of crops without having to worry about replacing the Grate Beater regularly.

John Deere is a company that has been committed to manufacturing exceptional equipment, and the AH151120 Grate Beater is no exception. It has been built to withstand consistent use and keep your harvester operating efficiently. It has been manufactured to ensure long-lasting durability without compromising its efficiency in the plant material handling process.

In summary, the John Deere AH151120 is a critical spare part that plays a vital role in ensuring a harvester’s efficient operation. It is a Grate Beater with a wide body that can handle a range of crops, regardless of their size. Its design ensures that it can be relied upon to withstand the rigors of consistent operation without resulting in loss of efficiency in plant material handling. This is an essential spare part for any John Deere harvester owner who prioritises an efficient and reliable harvesting process.


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