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The John Deere AH166027 is a spare part for combine harvesters. It is specifically a floor feeder house that is wider than the previous models. This part is an essential component to the machinery, as it helps to feed the crop into the threshing drum and separate it from the chaff.

The John Deere AH166027 is designed to fit perfectly with the John Deere combine harvesting models that come with the WIDE model. It is created from high-quality materials to withstand the harsh conditions of agricultural machinery. The floor feeder house is constructed of a durable metal frame that is designed to resist the effects of weathering, and it is painted to protect against corrosion and rust.

The feeder house of the AH166027 is designed to help pick up the crop from the field and move it towards the threshing drum. This process requires precise alignment and management, which is why its design enables smooth and efficient harvesting. The wide feeder house can tackle larger amounts of crops and is perfect for larger farming operations.

The wider design of the AH166027 allows for a larger quantity of crop to flow through the feeder house. Additionally, there are fewer obstructions along the length of the feeder house, minimising blockages. This feature ensures a quicker and more streamlined harvesting process while also ensuring that minimal crops are lost in the process.

Finally, the John Deere AH166027 has been manufactured according to strict quality control procedures. All components are crafted to precise dimensions to ensure that they are compatible with the combine harvester. The end product is a top-quality, high-performance floor feeder house, which helps to enhance the farmer’s agricultural yield and revenue while ensuring optimal harvesting success.


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