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SUB TO AH208966

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The JOHN DEERE AH168166 is a spare part that is used as a sub to AH208966. Both of these parts are hydraulic pump drives that are essential components in the functioning of tractors and other heavy machinery. The AH168166 is manufactured by John Deere, a leading manufacturer of equipment used in agricultural, construction, forestry, and lawn care industries.

The AH168166 pump drive is designed to deliver hydraulic fluid to the power steering system, the transmission, and other parts of the machine. This pump drive is made of high-quality materials that ensure it is robust and long-lasting. The housing of the pump drive is made of cast iron, which can withstand the high pressures and temperatures that are generated by the hydraulic system. Inside the pump drive, there is a gear that is responsible for driving the pump. This gear is precisely machined to ensure that it fits perfectly with the other components and delivers the required fluid flow rate.

Interestingly, the AH168166 is a sub to AH208966. This means that the AH168166 can be used as a substitute for the AH208966. This is particularly convenient when the exact part is not immediately available or when the price of the AH208966 is higher than the AH168166. The sub status means that the two parts share similar specifications and features, which make them interchangeable.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AH168166 is an essential spare part in the functioning of heavy-duty equipment. Its robustness and durability will ensure that the machines it is fitted on will run smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, its sub status to AH208966 makes it a more flexible and affordable alternative in situations where the exact part is not available. John Deere is known for its quality products, and the AH168166 is no exception. This pump drive will deliver reliable performance and ensure that equipment is ready when it is needed.


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