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When it comes to agricultural equipment, John Deere is a household name that farmers and ranchers trust. Among the many spare parts included in the John Deere inventory, the AH172952 Short Finger Extension 1 is an essential component for certain types of equipment.

The AH172952 Short Finger Extension 1 is designed to fit certain types of grain platforms, including John Deere models 900, 900F, and 600F. Its primary function is to extend the length of the cutting platform, which allows for more effective harvesting of various crops. This particular finger extension measures 12 inches in length, allowing it to cover a wider area as the combine passes over the crops in the field.

The Short Finger Extension is made from high-quality steel and coated with a layer of rust-resistant material to ensure longevity and durability. It is also precision crafted to ensure an exact fit with a compatible platform. Installation of the Short Finger Extension is relatively straightforward, with clear instructions provided in each package. Proper installation of the component is important for the smooth operation of the platform and the combine itself.

When operating a combine that is fitted with the AH172952 Short Finger Extension, farmers and ranchers can expect the equipment to be more efficient and effective in harvesting. With the wider cutting platform, the combine can cover more ground, increasing the productivity of the farming operation. The Short Finger Extension is especially useful when harvesting crops such as soybeans and small grains, where the wider platform aids in crop recovery.

Overall, the AH172952 Short Finger Extension 1 is an important spare part in the John Deere inventory for farmers and ranchers who utilize compatible grain platforms. With high-quality construction and easy installation, it helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their harvesting process, ultimately contributing to greater productivity in the field.


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