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The John Deere AH205488 is a concave spare part used in combine harvesters. It is also known as a small wire concave, because the spacing between the wires or bars is less than that of a large wire concave. This spacing is critical because it determines the size of the grain that gets separated from the chaff. The AH205488 is a high-quality, durable concave that is designed to handle tough harvesting conditions and provide reliable performance.

The concave is a critical component of the combine harvester, responsible for separating the grain from the straw and chaff during the harvesting process. The John Deere AH205488 concave has been engineered to perform this task efficiently, using its small wire design to better process a wider variety of crops. The concave provides improved threshing and separating while preventing over-threshing, which can result in grain loss and increased wear and damage to the combine’s mechanical components.

The AH205488 concave is compatible with various John Deere harvester models, including the S550, S660, S670, S680, and S690. The part must be properly installed by a trained technician to ensure optimal performance, as the proper alignment and clearance is critical to its operation. The small wire concave can be adjusted according to the crop being harvested, with different settings available for small grains, canola, and soybeans. The concave can also be adjusted to optimize its threshing performance, making it a versatile and adaptable component of the combine harvester.

In summary, the John Deere AH205488 concave is a small wire spare part that is critical to the efficient harvesting of crops. Its durable design and adaptable settings make it ideal for a range of crops and conditions, providing improved threshing and separating while reducing grain loss. When properly installed and maintained, this concave will help to maximize the harvest and optimize the performance of the John Deere combine harvester.


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