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The John Deere AH99414 is an essential spare part for agricultural machinery, specifically designed for unloading grain from harvesting equipment. This component serves as an unloading auger tube that is 144 inches long, capable of delivering grain seamlessly to a transport vehicle or storage container.

The design of the AH99414 auger tube is exceptional, ensuring that the process of unloading grain is done efficiently and safely. It features a sturdy construction made of durable metals that can withstand the rigorous demands of agricultural operations. Moreover, the bright green paint finish adds to its aesthetic appeal while offering protection against rust and corrosion.

Installing the John Deere AH99414 is a hassle-free process, with the assembly mount fitting seamlessly into place. This component comes with hoses, clamps, and replacement parts, making repairs and replacements seamless and quick.

Farmers and agricultural professionals can benefit from the versatile features of the John Deere AH99414 unloading auger tube. It works in all weather conditions and with a variety of harvesting equipment, making it an essential and reliable spare part for any farm or agricultural business. Moreover, the component is relatively light, easy to maneuver and disassemble, and features an affordable price point.

Overall, the John Deere AH99414 unloading auger tube is an exceptional spare part that is essential for unloading grain from harvesting equipment. It is designed to deliver grain safely and efficiently while providing durability and outstanding performance that farmers can rely on. The component’s easy installation process, versatility, and durability make it a popular choice for agricultural professionals worldwide, further solidifying John Deere’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of reliable farming equipment.


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