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The ELECTRIC COMPONENTS AL-986 is a spare part that is designed to suit a range of electronic devices that rely on a 12V power supply. This particular component is a 12V30ANMO ENCL, which means it operates at a voltage of 12 volts and is capable of providing a maximum current of 30 amps under normal operating conditions.

The AL-986 is an electric component that works as an enclosure for a set of electronic components that control the flow of current through a circuit. It is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh operating environments and provide reliable performance for extended periods.

The AL-986 is commonly used in a variety of consumer electronics such as home automation systems, security alarms, lighting systems, and automotive applications. Its design ensures proper protection of the electrical components and wiring inside, making it safe to use in any setup.

One of the unique features of AL-986 is that it is highly customizable. It can be easily modified to suit different applications by changing the internal components such as fuses, relays, and other parts. This feature makes it a versatile spare part that can be used to repair and upgrade various electronic devices.

The AL-986 is also designed to meet industry standards for electrical safety and protection. It comes with a range of protective features such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection, which ensures that the device it is used in is safe from electrical damage.

Overall, the ELECTRIC COMPONENTS AL-986 12V30ANMO ENCL is a high-quality spare part that complements a wide range of electronic devices. Its features and performance make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to repair or upgrade their devices while ensuring proper protection and safety of the components being used.


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