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JOHN DEERE AL25255 is a spare part designed to improve the cooling system of John Deere machineries. This radiator is made up of high-quality aluminum material to ensure its durability and longevity.

The radiator serves as a heat exchanger that transfers heat from the engine to the air. It works by allowing the engine coolant to flow through its interior and radiating the heat away from the coolant as the air flows around it. This process is essential in preventing the engine from overheating, which could cause engine damage and affect the overall performance of a machine.

John Deere’s AL25255 radiator has a compact design that allows it to fit seamlessly into the engine compartment of John Deere machinery. It comes in the standard size of 25.375 by 14.62 inches, making it ideal for a wide range of tractors and combine harvesters. The radiator has eight fins per inch (FPI), which ensure efficient heat transfer and airflow.

Some of the notable features of the JOHN DEERE AL25255 radiator includes its easy installation process thanks to its direct-fit design. The design requires minimal adjustments or modifications, saving time and reducing installation costs. Moreover, the radiator ships with all the necessary fittings, making it more convenient for mechanics.

John Deere’s AL25255 radiator also has an easy-to-clean exterior, ensuring its performance efficiency is maintained as performance efficiency can be damaged when excess dirt accumulates on the radiator’s core. The modular design of the radiator ensures that it can be easily repaired or replaced in case of damages.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AL25255 radiator is a top-quality spare part designed to keep John Deere machines running efficiently and effectively. Its robust build quality, ease of installation, and high heat transfer rate make it a reliable solution for keeping the engine cool and preventing overheating.


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