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JOHN DEERE AL26678 is a Pull Arm LH spare part manufactured by the well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer, John Deere. Pull Arm LH is a crucial component of heavy-duty John Deere tractors that helps in the functioning of the vehicle’s suspension system.

This spare part is designed to fit on the left-hand side of the tractor and its prime function is to pull the tractor’s front suspension. The Pull Arm LH is responsible for maintaining the tractor’s stability by connecting the front and back axle of the vehicle. This helps in the even distribution of the tractor’s weight, reducing uneven weight distribution that can cause the tractor to tip over.

The JOHN DEERE AL26678 Pull Arm LH is made from high-quality steel and is specifically designed for use in John Deere tractors. The part fits flawlessly with the mounting points, and can be easily fixed with minimal effort and time. This ensures optimal performance levels for the tractor along with the safety of the operator.

The design of the Pull Arm LH is optimized for longevity as well. This spare part is specially coated with a rust-resistant material that protects it from corrosive environmental factors such as rain and humidity. This coating increases the lifespan of the part and ensures that it does not fail prematurely due to corrosion.

Having a JOHN DEERE AL26678 Pull Arm LH with you also ensures that you have a reliable spare part handy for any on-field repairs at all times. This helps minimize downtime, allowing you to get back to work quickly without any delay.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AL26678 Pull Arm LH is a high-quality spare part that is essential for the optimal performance of John Deere tractors. Its superior design and construction, alongside its robustness, make it an ideal choice for every tractor owner. It is built to last and provides a reliable solution, ensuring your tractor’s safety and performance under varying working conditions.


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