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SUB TO AL68485

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The JOHN DEERE AL36134 is an essential spare part for any John Deere machine. This part is actually a substitute for the AL68485 part number, meaning they are interchangeable. The AL36134 part is designed specifically for the fuel pump, an essential component in numerous John Deere machines, including tractors, combines, and loaders. It is a versatile part that can fit numerous John Deere models like the 375, 2440, 2450, 2510, and many others.

The John Deere AL36134 belongs to the fuel system and is responsible for regulating the pressure, which improves the fuel flow to the engine and keeps it running smoothly. It is also responsible for increasing the pressure necessary for the engine to start. Typically, the fuel pump regulator only needs to be replaced when there is a problem with the fuel system or when the engine is stalling or not starting. And due to its vital role in the engine’s operations, it is recommended to frequently replace with high-quality spare parts, such as JOHN DEERE AL36134.

The AL36134 has a significant advantage over the AL68485. The component materials of the AL36134 are better quality and longer-lasting compared to the AL68485, which makes it a better choice for the long-term durability of the machine. Additionally, the AL36134 ensures precise fuel pressure control and maximum fuel flow rate to achieve optimal performance of the engine.

Overall, the JOHN DEERE AL36134 is an essential and reliable spare part for any John Deere machine with a fuel system. It provides the engine with consistent fuel pressure, allowing it to function properly and smoothly. By using this superior part over the AL68485, machine owners can enjoy an extended lifespan for their equipment and have greater peace of mind with improved performance. So, get your JOHN DEERE AL36134 today to keep your John Deere machine running smoothly!


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