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SUB TO AL67974

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John Deere is a company that is well-known for its quality agricultural equipment and machinery. The company is known for providing high quality and reliable products to farmers and other customers in the agriculture industry. One of the key components of the company’s equipment is its spare parts. One such spare part is the John Deere AL39169, which is a substitute for the AL67974.

The AL39169 is an important replacement part for John Deere equipment. It is designed to fit perfectly into a number of different John Deere models, such as the 2254, 2256, 2258, 2264, 2266, 2266HT, 2274, 2284, and 3456 harvesters. As a result, the AL39169 offers great flexibility and versatility for those who depend on John Deere equipment in their work.

The AL39169 is a critical component of John Deere’s equipment because it is responsible for ensuring that the various parts of the machinery work together seamlessly. This is because it is a hydraulic valve assembly with a pressure reducing valve designed for use in John Deere equipment. It controls the pressure of the fluid in the hydraulic system to ensure that the components of the harvester are working correctly.

In addition, the AL39169 is manufactured to John Deere’s high standards of quality and reliability. It has been rigorously tested and inspected to guarantee its durability, functionability and longevity.

Overall, the AL39169 is an essential spare part in the John Deere product line. It is a crucial component of the machinery that farmers and other agriculture industry professionals rely on, and its versatility and quality make it an important asset for those who depend on John Deere equipment.


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