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SUB TO AL120023

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John Deere, a renowned name in the field of agricultural equipment, has been manufacturing a wide range of products catering to the needs of farmers and agri-businesses for decades. They offer a vast array of spare parts to maintain their equipment’s longevity, and the AL39452 stands as one of them.

The AL39452 is a spare part that plays a crucial role in the effective functioning of John Deere equipment. It is a substituent for the AL120023 part. The AL39452 acts as an oil filter, working towards ensuring clean oil circulation throughout the machine, thereby safeguarding the equipment’s engine against any wear and tear.

This durable and sturdy spare part is crafted using a blend of top-quality materials, which enhances its longevity and impact resistance. In addition, its high-grade construction ensures reliable performance in diverse working environments, making it a highly versatile and reliable component.

It is important to note that the AL39452 is a direct replacement for the AL120023. It means customers can trust that it will provide the same performance, efficiency, and reliability that they have come to expect from John Deere parts. This spare part can effectively filter oil and keep the engine running smoothly, while reducing the chances of costly repairs down the road.

John Deere also ensures that their customers are guaranteed the highest level of customer service and support. Products like the AL39452 are backed with expert technical support and are readily available through the John Deere distribution channels, ensuring that customers always have access to the parts they need.

In conclusion, the AL39452 is a top-quality component that serves an essential purpose for John Deere equipment. Its high-grade materials and superior construction deliver reliable results in protecting the engine against wear and tear. With unparalleled customer service and service support, the AL39452 ensures such parts can keep your John Deere products running optimally.


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