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John Deere is a renowned brand in agricultural machinery, and one of its spare parts, AL68485 Single Clutch, is a crucial component in most John Deere tractors. This part is responsible for disengaging and engaging the power transmission from the engine, enabling the tractor to start, move, and stop smoothly.

The AL68485 Single Clutch is designed for use in John Deere tractors that operate with a mechanical clutch system. It is constructed using high-quality materials, including a cast iron clutch plate and a steel clutch disc. These materials make the part tough and durable, capable of withstanding heavy use and wear and tear from harsh agricultural operations.

Installation of the AL68485 Single Clutch is straightforward, with the part mounting securely onto the flywheel with precision to ensure efficient power transmission between the engine and the wheels. This clutch is designed to work within specific tolerances that align with the design specifications of a John Deere tractor. The precise dimensions of the clutch ensure that it works seamlessly with the other tractor parts, regardless of the type of application.

This spare part is designed to disengage the clutch when the driver depresses the pedal. It does this by releasing the pressure on the clutch plate and allowing the clutch disc to spin freely, cutting the engine power from the transmission. This disengagement ensures that the tractor can come to a stop smoothly, without causing any damage to the engine or transmission.

Overall, the AL68485 Single Clutch is an essential component in any John Deere tractor. Its reliability, durability and precise construction ensure that John Deere tractors operate efficiently, enabling farmers to undertake their work with minimal disruption. So, if you own a John Deere tractor and need to replace the clutch or have any issues with the power transmission system, the AL68485 Single Clutch is a dependable, steadfast and high-quality spare part that provides an excellent solution.


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