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SUB TO RE41749

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The John Deere AL70850 is a spare part that is designed to replace a damaged or worn out RE41749 component. It is an essential accessory for many John Deere tractors, and it is used to improve the efficiency and performance of the machine. The AL70850 is specifically crafted to achieve a perfect fit with other components in its class, hence ensuring consistency and reliability during operation.

The spare part is made of high-quality materials that are both durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Additionally, the John Deere AL70850 is tested and proven to meet the manufacturer’s strict quality standards, guaranteeing a superior performance compared to various substandard alternatives.

One of the key benefits of the John Deere AL70850 sub part is its versatility in different John Deere models. The component is compatible with several models of John Deere tractors, including the 3650, 4050, 4250, 4650, and 4850 models, making it highly convenient for owners of these tractors.

Furthermore, the AL70850 is used for various functions, including oil, fuel, and transmission filters, oil seals, fuel delivery components, and hydraulic steering cylinders, to mention a few. This means that users of this spare part have an all-in-one solution for their tractor maintenance needs, ultimately saving them costs and saving them time from having to purchase individual components.

To sum up, the John Deere AL70850 Sub to RE41749 is a versatile, reliable, and durable spare part designed to replace a faulty RE41749 component. It offers superior performance, compatibility with several John Deere tractor models, making it a valuable accessory that ensures optimum tractor functionality and efficiency, thus useful to tractor owners who value the performance of their machines.


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