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The JOHN DEERE AR50963 is a crucial spare part for John Deere tractors as it improves the overall performance of the vehicle. The part belongs to the Long Knee Extension category and has a comprehensive design with top-quality materials. In this article, we will elaborate on the features, functions, and benefits of the John Deere AR50963 spare part.

The John Deere AR50963 is designed to provide support to the knee joint of the tractor and improve shock absorption while driving over rough terrain. The part is crafted with high-grade metal and coated with black paint to impart durability and corrosion resistance. The Long Knee Extension is 20.625 inches long, 8.875 inches wide, and 3.25 inches in height. The size and construction of the Long Knee Extension ensure that it is compatible with most John Deere tractor models.

If your John Deere tractor is experiencing problems like bumpy rides or unstable steering, then the Long Knee Extension may need replacement. The John Deere AR50963 can be conveniently installed, ensuring a seamless fit with the tractor’s knee joint. Some of the tractable models that require the Long Knee Extension are the John Deere 4320, 4620, 6030, 8430, 8630, and others.

The benefits of installing the Long Knee Extension in your John Deere tractor are numerous. It helps in absorbing shocks and vibrations caused by rough terrain, leading to a smoother ride and stable performance. The part also protects the knee joint of the tractor from damage and premature wear, which can save costly repairs and maintenance. Lastly, it also enhances the overall integration of the tractor’s component parts, ensuring a better and more reliable tractor performance.

In conclusion, the John Deere AR50963 spare part is a reliable and durable knee extension tailor-made to improve your John Deere tractor’s overall performance. The Long Knee Extension is made from high-grade metal and comes with easy installation, leading to a smoother ride, stable performance, and better compatibility with your tractor. Finally, regular maintenance and inspection of spare parts ensure a long-term performance of the tractor and save repair expenses.


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