SUB TO AR70987 (PART #AR51427)


SUB TO AR70987

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The JOHN DEERE AR51427 is a spare part that has been specifically designed and manufactured for use in John Deere tractors. This particular part serves as a sub or a substitute to the AR70987 part, which is another spare part for the same purpose. The AR51427 part has been developed and tested to meet the same standard and quality as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

This part is made from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last longer and offer reliable and efficient performance. The John Deere AR51427 part is made from premium grade alloy steel that has been heat-treated and quenched. This makes it structurally strong and resistant to wear and tear, enabling the part to handle various agricultural environments where it is most likely to be used.

The JOHN DEERE AR51427 part is primarily used in the John Deere tractor’s hydraulic system and functions as a hydraulic valve cover gasket. It is used to seal the valve cover to prevent hydraulic fluid leakages. This part is critical in ensuring the correct functioning of the hydraulic system. A leaking valve cover could lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure or contamination of the hydraulic fluid, leading to system failure. By choosing the JOHN DEERE AR51427 part over other aftermarket products, tractor owners can ensure that their hydraulic system remains reliable and fully functional.

To sum up, the JOHN DEERE AR51427 is a high-quality spare part that serves as a substitute for the AR70987. It is strong, durable, and reliable, and has been designed to ensure the correct functioning of the hydraulic system in John Deere tractors. As a result, tractor owners can benefit from having excellent spare parts that can keep their equipment running and delivering quality output for years to come.


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