TRANS. DISC; 13 1/2″ 6 B (PART #AR64674)


TRANS. DISC; 13 1/2″ 6 B

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The JOHN DEERE AR64674 spare part is an essential component used in heavy-duty vehicles, especially tractors. It is a transmission disc that is designed to provide drivers with a smooth and safe driving experience, making it an indispensable component for any John Deere heavy-duty vehicle.

Constructed with a diameter of 13 1/2 inches, the JOHN DEERE AR64674 transmission disc is the right size required for many vehicles in John Deere’s range. The 6 B featured in its name refers to its spline count, which is essential for engaging and disengaging the transmission. This feature enables it to transmit the adequate torque for optimal vehicle performance, preventing slippage and unnecessary wear on the different parts.

The transmission disc is designed for longevity, durability, and effectiveness in withstanding harsh operating conditions, including high temperatures, pressure, and heavy usage. The material used in making the disc is high-quality, ensuring it resists wear and tear and handles the high loads encountered in heavy-duty vehicles. The disc has an exceptional grip, thanks to the organic lining that provides a firm grip on the flywheel, ensuring a smooth and safe drive.

The JOHN DEERE AR64674 transmission disc features a state-of-the-art design that enhances the performance of the vehicle even under heavy loads. The disc’s functionality and lifespan are enhanced due to careful engineering and development, ensuring superior design and quality control.

The transmission disc is easy to install and requires low maintenance, thanks to its reliability, long-lasting performance, and high-end design. Its compatibility with different vehicle models and manufacturers makes it a reasonable investment for those who own or operate heavy-duty vehicles.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AR64674 transmission disc is a critical component for John Deere heavy-duty vehicles. Its high-end design, performance, reliability, and durability ensure that the vehicles perform optimally while meeting the demands of harsh working conditions. The transmission disc is an excellent spare part worth purchasing for anyone operating or repairing heavy-duty vehicles.


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