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The John Deere AR69836 is a pivot plate that serves an essential role in ensuring optimal performance of a John Deere combine. It is used in the feeder house shaft assembly to support the pivot shaft and bearings and ensure the smooth functioning of the shaft. The pivot plate is made of high-quality, durable steel that lasts long while maintaining the necessary strength and rigidity. This component is a vital spare part that needs to be always present in the workshop to replace any damaged or worn-out ones.

The pivot plate has several components, including the pivot shaft, which is a cylindrical shaft attached to the feeder house, and bearings that support the pivot shaft as it rotates. The pivot plate supports the bearings and pivot shaft and ensures that they are held in place. In the absence of the pivot plate, the pivot shaft and the bearings may get damaged, leading to weak performance of the feeder house.

The John Deere AR69836 pivot plate has been designed to meet the high-quality standards of equipment that John Deere is known for. Therefore, it is crucial to use the original equipment manufactured (OEM) spare part to guarantee optimal performance of the machine. It features the iconic green and yellow John Deere color and bears the name ‘John Deere’ and the part number AR69836 for easy identification.

The pivot plate is an essential spare part that must be installed by a certified technician with experience and knowledge to ensure proper installation. It is also recommended to undertake regular maintenance checks and inspections of the feeder house assembly to identify any damaged or worn-out parts and address them promptly to avoid costly repairs.

In conclusion, the John Deere AR69836 pivot plate is an important spare part that ensures the proper functioning of the feeder house shaft assembly in a John Deere combine. As it is an OEM product, it is important to use the original equipment manufactured product to ensure optimal performance. It is vital to have this spare part readily available in the workshop to avoid costly downtimes. Regular maintenance checks and prompt replacement of worn-out parts are recommended to keep the machine functioning correctly.


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