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SUB TO AR70987

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JOHN DEERE AR70987T is a spare part that is designed to use as a substitute for AR70987. It is manufactured by John Deere, which is a well-known company for producing top-quality heavy equipment, tractors, and spare parts. AR70987T is known for its outstanding performance, durability, and long-lasting features.

This spare part belongs to the hydraulic system of John Deere tractors, specifically for their hydraulic pump assembly. The hydraulic pump is responsible for powering the steering, brakes, and other accessories of the tractor. AR70987T is a pressure control valve that regulates the hydraulic pressure of the pump. It senses the incoming oil pressure and adjusts the pressure accordingly for the smooth operation of the hydraulic system.

The installation process of this spare part is relatively simple. It is recommended to get it installed by a professional technician. The compatibility of AR70987T is limited to select John Deere tractor models, and it is essential to double-check the compatibility with the equipment’s model and serial number before purchasing.

The material used to manufacture this spare part is of high quality, which results in long-lasting durability and stable performance. It is made of durable steel and coated with high-quality paint to prevent rust and corrosion. The design of AR70987T is straightforward, with a small rectangular shape that fits perfectly into the hydraulic pump assembly.

The price of JOHN DEERE AR70987T is relatively reasonable, given its durability, quality, and performance. John Deere has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality spare parts that last longer than others in the market. This spare part is a great investment for John Deere tractor owners as it helps their equipment run smoothly and efficiently for an extended period. Overall, AR70987T is an excellent spare part that provides durability, quality, and efficiency for John Deere tractors.


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