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The JOHN DEERE AR72860 is a high-quality spare part designed to meet the requirements of the agriculture industry. It is a side screen that is compatible with a range of John Deere tractors, including models 60, 620, 630, 720, and 730. The spare part is a Left-Handed (LH) side screen that fits perfectly on the left side of the tractor for efficient air circulation.

The side screen serves as a protective barrier that prevents debris, dirt, and other materials from getting into the engine compartment. Without this part, the engine would be vulnerable to damage, and the performance of the tractor would decline over time. The screen is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, ensuring that it lasts for years without showing any signs of wear or tear.

The JOHN DEERE AR72860 Side Screen is easy to install, and it doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. This means that anyone with basic mechanical skills can install it without any difficulty. The installation process involves removing the old side screen and replacing it with the new one. Once installed, it will immediately enhance the overall performance of the tractor by improving the air circulation around the engine compartment and preventing debris from getting in.

In addition to improving air circulation and preventing debris from getting in, the side screen also contributes to the aesthetics of the tractor. It gives the tractor a sleek, modern look that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Moreover, the high-quality materials used in manufacturing the side screen ensure that it remains rust and corrosion-free, therefore keeping the tractor in perfect condition for years.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AR72860 Side Screen is an excellent spare part that not only enhances the performance of the tractor but also protects the engine compartment from debris and adds to the tractor’s overall aesthetics. It is easy to install, durable, and made from high-quality materials, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone in the agriculture industry.


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