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SUB TO RE19778

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The John Deere AR91131, also known as a sub to RE19778, is a spare part that is designed to fit into specific models of tractors and combines manufactured by John Deere. This part is a hydraulic lift cylinder and is an essential component that forms part of the hydraulic system on various types of John Deere machinery.

The AR91131 / RE19778 hydraulic cylinder is a durable and reliable part that withstands challenging working conditions, making it an indispensable element of the heavy-duty John Deere machinery that sees extensive use in the agriculture industry. The hydraulic lift cylinder is constructed using high-quality materials that provide robust longevity and superior performance. It features a streamlined design that optimizes pressure resistance, ensuring that it can handle high pressure from the hydraulic system.

The cylinder is essential because it generates the necessary force for hydraulic systems to actuate various functions, such as lifting and lowering implements or heavy loads with the hydraulic lift system. This hydraulic lift cylinder works by using hydraulic fluid under high pressure to drive the piston, thereby pushing the lift arm up or down to lift or lower the load as needed.

The AR91131 / RE19778 hydraulic lift cylinder is a direct replacement for the original cylinder, meaning it is designed to fit perfectly in specific models of John Deere tractors and combines without the need for any modifications. This ensures that all the hydraulic components work in harmony, providing optimal performance and efficiency.

In summary, the AR91131 / RE19778 hydraulic lift cylinder is an essential spare part that ensures the smooth operation of heavy-duty John Deere machinery. It is designed to be durable, reliable, and efficient, providing the strength needed for hydraulic systems to lift and move heavy loads. Whether you are replacing a worn-out hydraulic cylinder or upgrading to improve performance, this spare part is a worthy investment that guarantees longevity and unrivaled performance.


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