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The FLEETGUARD AS2266 is an essential component used in the functioning of engines in various types of heavy machinery and transportation vehicles. It is an air/oil separator that is designed to separate oil mist from the intake air of internal combustion engines. This is achieved by directing the intake air to the separator, where it is passed through a highly efficient filtration system, commonly made up of pleated filter media, baffles, and wire mesh.

The oil vapor and condensed oil that is separated from the intake air is then passed through a drain valve and recirculated to the lubrication system of the engine. This process enhances the engine’s performance by reducing oil consumption, increasing fuel efficiency, and ensuring cleaner combustion. The separator is designed to function even in harsh environments and can effectively remove oil aerosols, fumes, and other contaminants, ensuring that the engine runs at maximum efficiency.

The FLEETGUARD AS2266 separator is made up of high-quality materials such as steel and aluminum to withstand the high pressures and temperatures that are typical of engines in industrial and commercial applications. It is designed for easy installation, replacement, and servicing, making it an essential part of an efficient maintenance program. The separator is suitable for use in various engines such as gas turbines, diesel engines, and compressors in off-road and on-road vehicles, marine equipment, construction equipment, power generation, and irrigation systems.

The FLEETGUARD AS2266 separator is a critical part of any engine, and regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. When the separator filters become clogged, it can restrict airflow and cause engine damage. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the filters at regular intervals as per the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure maximum engine performance and longevity.

In conclusion, the FLEETGUARD AS2266 separator is a reliable and efficient way of ensuring clean and contaminant-free air intake in engines. Its effectiveness in removing oil mist enhances engine performance, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs. Consequently, it is an essential spare part for any engine with oil mist and contaminants in the intake air.


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