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FLEETGUARD AS2297 is an air/oil separator used in heavy-duty equipment such as compressors, generators, and industrial engines. This spare part is designed to remove oil from the compressed air before it is released into the atmosphere. The separator is a critical component of the equipment as it ensures a clean and efficient operation of the engine.

The FLEETGUARD AS2297 is made up of several components which include the filter element, housing, and drain valve. Each of these components plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the separator.

The filter element is a high-quality material that is capable of trapping oil particles that may be present in the compressed air. The element is designed to have a large surface area which ensures that the air passes through slowly, allowing ample time for oil droplets to be separated and trapped. The housing, on the other hand, protects the filter element and provides a secure mounting solution for the separator. The drain valve is also an essential component of the FLEETGUARD AS2297 as it allows for easy removal and disposal of the separated oil.

One of the remarkable features of the FLEETGUARD AS2297 is its ability to withstand harsh operating conditions such as extreme temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive environments. The separator is also easy to install and maintain, thus reducing downtime and overall operating costs.

FLEETGUARD, the manufacturer of the AS2297, is a reputable brand in the heavy-duty equipment industry, known for producing high-quality spare parts that guarantee optimal performance. The company ensures that its products undergo rigorous testing and meet industry standards before they are released into the market.

In conclusion, the FLEETGUARD AS2297 air/oil separator is an essential component in heavy-duty equipment that requires clean and efficient operations. Its high-quality filter element, durable housing, and convenient drain valve make it an ideal spare part choice for industrial engines, compressors, and generators.


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