SUB TO AT16053 (PART #AT11661)


SUB TO AT16053

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The JOHN DEERE AT11661 is a spare part used to replace AT16053 in a John Deere machine. It is a hydraulic cylinder and is widely used across various models of John Deere equipment. This cylinder is used in equipment like backhoes, loaders, and bulldozers for various applications, including driving, lifting and moving heavy equipment.

The hydraulic cylinder is made with high-quality materials, including stampings, tubing, and chrome-plated piston rods, to ensure durability and long service life. It has been tested to meet the high standards of John Deere for function, performance, and quality assurance.

The John Deere AT11661 is a great alternative to the AT16053 hydraulic cylinder. It has been designed to perform the same function as the AT16053, and is guaranteed to be an exact fit replacement. This cylinder offers an easy, cost-effective solution for customers who require a replacement hydraulic cylinder for their John Deere equipment.

The John Deere AT11661 has a simple design, with a single-acting cylinder and a bore diameter of 2.5 inches. It also has a maximum stroke length of 10 inches and a maximum operating pressure of 2000 PSI. This makes it possible for the cylinder to handle heavy loads with ease, and ensure precise and smooth operation.

In conclusion, the John Deere AT11661 is a reliable and cost-effective spare hydraulic cylinder. It is the perfect choice for anyone who requires a replacement part for their John Deere equipment, especially for those who need to replace the AT16053. The cylinder’s high-quality materials, design features, and exact fit replacement capability make it an excellent option for John Deere equipment owners and operators alike.


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