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The JOHN DEERE AT21795 is a muffler that belongs to the horizontal type. It is a spare part for various John Deere machines, such as tractors, combines, and sprayers. The muffler serves an essential purpose for the machinery, providing a passage for exhaust gases to leave the engine and releasing them into the atmosphere. It consists of three components, the outer shell, the inner shell, and filler material that lies between the two shells.

The outer shell of the John Deere AT21795 muffler is made of heavy-duty cast iron. The cast iron construction ensures that it can handle high temperatures and heavy usage without cracking or breaking. The inner shell of the muffler is also made of sturdy material to withstand constant exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

The filler material used in the John Deere AT21795 muffler is typically a combination of fiberglass and stainless steel. This particular type of filler material is chosen due to its ability to absorb and dampen the noise produced by the engine exhaust. The muffler’s design and make-up reduce exhaust noise by forcing the gases to go through chambers and tubes, separating noise from the exhaust gases.

The John Deere AT21795 muffler has been tested and evaluated thoroughly to ensure optimum performance. John Deere quality assurance teams evaluate these mufflers using strict quality standards to ensure that they meet the durability, strength, noise, and environmental standards.

The muffler is an essential tool improving the longevity and safety of machinery. It works silently, reducing the noise levels in tractors, combines, and other machines, thus ensuring a better and safer work environment. The John Deere AT21795 muffler’s design and functionality make it a reliable, efficient, and pocket-friendly spare part to invest in for anyone looking for a horizontal muffler.


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