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The John Deere AT87527 is a vital spare part for the agriculture and construction industry as it serves as a Glass Rear Window (Middle) for the John Deere Line of products. A Glass window panel helps the operator of the vehicle maintain a clear view of the surroundings and the work area. This window also helps to insulate the vehicle’s interior from external temperatures, reduces noise, and protects interior components from dust, dirt, and debris.

The AT87527 is specially designed to fit in the rear window frame of select John Deere tractors, loaders and other heavy equipment models. The glass pane is crafted from toughened material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and high tensile forces, making it ideal for the tough agricultural, forestry and construction work environments.

The glass rear window is a critical safety feature for the operator’s view of the work area surrounding heavy machinery like tractors and loaders. This feature enhances the operator’s visibility, giving them a clear view of the workspace and helping prevent accidents caused by hitting unseen objects.

Apart from the safety feature, the John Deere AT87527 helps to maintain the comfort of the operator when driving the vehicle, as it reduces noise and protects from extreme temperatures and environmental factors. The glass also helps to reduce fogging, ensuring that the operator has an unobstructed view of the work area.

The John Deere AT87527 is a genuine John Deere part which is manufactured using high-quality glass material of exact specifications to provide the perfect fit. The installation of this spare part is straightforward, and it can be done by professional mechanics, technicians, or dealerships.

In conclusion, The John Deere AT87527 Glass Rear Window (Middle) is an essential spare part for the safety and comfort of John Deere heavy equipment operators during their tasks. It ensures clear visibility, insulation from environmental factors, and noise reduction to provide a comfortable working environment for the operator. Buying genuine John Deere spare parts like the AT87527 will guarantee durability and reliability of the equipment, thereby saving on maintenance and repair costs.


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