WINGSHAFT 1 3/8-21 ENDS (PART #AW29542)



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The JOHN DEERE AW29542 is a high-quality spare part ideal for use with farming equipment such as tractors and combines from John Deere’s inventory. Specifically, the AW29542 is a WINGSHAFT that serves as a critical component that helps power and move essential farming equipment.

The AW29542 is made with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that it offers maximum functionality and durability when in use. The spare part measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter and has 21 ends that are crucial in making sure that the shaft fits securely with other farming machine components.

One of the standout features of the AW29542 is its versatility. It is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of farming equipment and implement sizes, making it a reliable and dynamic spare part in the industries of agriculture and farming. The WINGSHAFT 1 3/8-21 ENDS is built to handle and support heavy machinery and equipment, reducing the risk of damage or breakdown.

The John Deere AW29542 WINGSHAFT is created using high-grade materials, making it resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and rust. It is a long-lasting spare part that offers farmers and those in the agricultural industry peace of mind, knowing that their equipment will function optimally with minimal need for frequent repairs.

The AW29542 is designed specifically for John Deere farming equipment, providing users with the convenience of a spare part that is tailored to their machines. Its compatibility with other John Deere products further enhances its value, making it a must-have accessory for anyone in the farming or agriculture industry.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AW29542 WINGSHAFT is a first-class, multipurpose spare part that is highly effective in powering and moving farming equipment. Its durability, precision, versatility and compatibility with other John Deere products makes it an ideal spare part for anyone in the agriculture or farming industry.


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