TR HF PTO W/ CV 1 3/8″-21 (PART #AW29584)


TR HF PTO W/ CV 1 3/8″-21

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The John Deere AW29584 is a spare part designed to enhance the efficiency of John Deere power take-off systems. This part is commonly referred to as a TR HF PTO W/ CV 1 3/8″-21. The AW29584 spare part is engineered using cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship, making it durable and reliable for heavy-duty operations.

The John Deere AW29584 spare part is fitted with a TR HF PTO mechanism. The TR stands for twin disc and refers to the design of the clutch that engages the rotating input shaft. Twin discs are designed to ensure maximum torque transfer to the driveline for optimal performance. The hydraulic power of the PTO allows farmers to use their agricultural machinery for various applications, including crop harvesting, tillage, plowing, and more.

The AW29584 spare part also incorporates a CV joint that maintains the driveline’s constant velocity. The 1 3/8″-21 refers to the tooth count and pitch diameter of the spline shaft. The CV joint provides a smooth and vibration-free transmission of power, reducing wear and tear on the driveline components.

The quality of the John Deere AW29584 spare part is guaranteed by rigorous testing, ensuring its compatibility with other John Deere PTO components. The part’s precision design and robust construction make it easy to install and maintain, ensuring a long lifespan and consistent performance.

In conclusion, the John Deere AW29584 TR HF PTO W/ CV 1 3/8″-21 spare part is a valuable investment for farmers, offering reliable and efficient power transmission to a wide range of agricultural applications. Its exceptional design, durable materials, and advanced features make it a reliable solution for reducing downtime and improving farm productivity.


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