BP5 1 3/8-6 QD X 1 3/8-21 (PART #AW30401)


BP5 1 3/8-6 QD X 1 3/8-21

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The JOHN DEERE AW30401 is a spare part for farm equipment that is highly valued for its durability and reliability. This part is designed to meet the highest quality standards of John Deere, a company known for its excellence in the agricultural industry. Specifically, the AW30401 is a BP5 1 3/8-6 QD X 1 3/8-21, which means it is a bushing with a 1 3/8 inch diameter on one end and a 1 3/8-6 quick disconnect on the other. The 21 in the name refers to the number of splines in the QD end, which is essential for connecting to other tractor parts.

This spare part is important for a variety of reasons. One of the main benefits of using the AW30401 is that it is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of farming and agricultural work. This is especially important for parts that are constantly exposed to dirt, moisture, and other contaminants that can cause wear and tear. The AW30401 is also designed to reduce the risk of wear and tear by providing a secure fit with other tractor parts. This ensures a smooth performance without the need for constant maintenance or repairs.

Another benefit of this spare part is its versatility. The AW30401 can be used in a variety of different John Deere models, making it a useful part to have on hand for farmers or rural businesses. And because this part is made by John Deere, it is backed up by the company’s reputation for quality and excellence. This means that customers can trust that they are getting a reliable part that will provide excellent performance for years to come.

Overall, the JOHN DEERE AW30401 is a valuable spare part that is essential for maintaining and repairing John Deere farm equipment. Its high-quality construction and versatility make it an excellent investment for any farmer or rural business owner who wants their equipment to perform at its best. Whether used on a daily basis or for periodic maintenance, the AW30401 is a critical part that can help keep agricultural machinery running smoothly for longer periods of time.


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