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The JOHN DEERE AXE17470 is a spare part chain used in the feeder house of John Deere combine harvesters. Feeder house is an important component of the harvester where the crops are fed into the machine. The chain is responsible for transporting the crops from the cutterhead to the threshing unit. It is made up of high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.

The JOHN DEERE AXE17470 chain has a pitch length of 1.25 inches and a width of 0.591 inches. It comes with 94 links per section, and each section weighs around 1.45 pounds. The chain is coated with a rust-resistant finish to protect it from the harsh outdoor environments that the harvester has to operate in.

The JOHN DEERE AXE17470 chain is designed to fit into the feeder house of various John Deere combine harvesters. These include the S550, S650, S660, S670, and S680 models. The chain has a standard design that ensures it is compatible with the equipment and can function optimally.

The JOHN DEERE AXE17470 chain plays a crucial role in the performance and efficiency of the combine harvester. It ensures that the crops are fed seamlessly into the threshing unit, allowing for a smooth and consistent harvest. A faulty or worn-out chain can limit the productivity of the harvester and compromise the quality of the harvested crops.

Replacing the chain is a routine maintenance task that should be carried out periodically to prevent any performance issues. The JOHN DEERE AXE17470 chain is available at authorized dealerships and aftermarket suppliers. It is recommended to use genuine parts to ensure that the harvester maintains peak performance and reliability.

In conclusion, the JOHN DEERE AXE17470 is an essential component of the feeder house that helps ensure the John Deere combine harvesters work efficiently. It is made with high-quality materials and designed to fit into various models of the harvester. Proper maintenance and replacement of the chain are necessary for the smooth operation of the harvester and to obtain the best yield from the crops.


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