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The Briggs and Stratton B1595821 is a high-quality spare part designed to provide electric start capability to a range of engines. This kit is specifically designed to work with Briggs and Stratton engines, making it a reliable and convenient solution for those looking to upgrade or repair their equipment.

With its easy installation process, the B1595821 kit allows users to convert their pull-start engine into an electric start engine effortlessly. This is particularly beneficial for those who may have difficulty in starting their engines manually or for those who require a quick and hassle-free starting option.

The B1595821 kit includes all the necessary components to complete the conversion, including the electric starter motor, a starter solenoid, wiring harness, and all mounting hardware. The starter motor is designed to provide reliable starting performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient engine start every time.

The starter solenoid is an essential part of the kit, as it acts as a switch to control the flow of electricity from the battery to the starter motor. This ensures that the starter motor is only engaged when the ignition key is turned, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

The wiring harness included in the kit is designed to provide a clean and organized installation process. It includes all the necessary cables and connectors, making it easy to connect the starter motor and solenoid to the engine and battery.

With the B1595821 kit, users can enjoy the benefits of electric start without the need for complex modifications or extensive technical knowledge. Whether it’s for lawn mowers, generators, or other outdoor power equipment, this kit is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to simplify their engine starting process.

In conclusion, the Briggs and Stratton B1595821 electric starter kit is a reliable and convenient solution for upgrading or repairing engines. With its easy installation process and high-quality components, this kit ensures a smooth and efficient engine start every time. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, this kit is a valuable addition to any engine-powered equipment.


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