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The Ford C5NN3307H is a drag link RH rear spare part specifically designed for Ford vehicles. A drag link is an essential component of the steering system, connecting the steering gearbox to the wheel spindle. This particular drag link is compatible with Ford models that require a right-hand rear drag link.

Manufactured by Ford, this spare part ensures a reliable and efficient steering experience for Ford vehicles. The drag link is made from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of everyday driving, providing durability and longevity. The RH rear design ensures a precise fit and compatibility with the specific Ford models it is designed for.

The drag link’s primary function is to transmit the motion from the steering gearbox to the wheel spindle, enabling the driver to accurately control the direction of the vehicle. It plays a crucial role in maintaining proper wheel alignment and ensuring a smooth and responsive steering system. A worn-out or damaged drag link can result in loose steering, vibration, and potentially compromising the safety and handling of the vehicle.

The Ford C5NN3307H drag link RH rear is a genuine replacement part, ensuring the same quality and performance as the original equipment installed in the vehicle. It is designed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications, guaranteeing a reliable and precise steering response.

Installation of this spare part is straightforward, as it is designed as a direct replacement for the original drag link. It is highly recommended to have the replacement performed by a professional mechanic or at an authorized Ford service center to ensure proper installation and alignment.

Overall, the Ford C5NN3307H drag link RH rear is an essential spare part for Ford vehicles in need of a replacement drag link. With its high-quality construction and precise fit, it guarantees a smooth and responsive steering system, allowing for a safe and enjoyable driving experience.


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