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The Ford Car121925 is a vital spare part known as the Tie Rod Assembly LH for Ford cars. It is an essential component of the steering mechanism in the vehicle, responsible for transmitting steering motion from the steering rack to the steering knuckle. The Tie Rod Assembly LH is specifically designed for the left-hand side of the vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Ford Car121925 Tie Rod Assembly LH is built to withstand daily wear and tear, as well as the harsh conditions of the road. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, contributing to the overall safety and stability of the vehicle. It is manufactured to meet or exceed the original equipment specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance.

The tie rod assembly plays a crucial role in maintaining proper alignment of the wheels, allowing for smooth and responsive steering. It connects the steering gear to the wheel, allowing for precise steering control and stability. The LH designation indicates that it is intended for use on the left-hand side of the vehicle, ensuring correct installation and functionality. It is essential to replace a worn or damaged tie rod assembly promptly to avoid potential alignment problems, uneven tire wear, and compromised steering control.

The Ford Car121925 Tie Rod Assembly LH is designed to be easily installed, making it suitable for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. It is a genuine Ford spare part, ensuring the highest level of quality and compatibility with Ford vehicles. As with all genuine Ford parts, it is backed by a warranty, providing peace of mind and reassurance.

Overall, the Ford Car121925 Tie Rod Assembly LH is an essential spare part for Ford vehicles, contributing to the safe and reliable operation of the steering system. With its high-quality construction and perfect fit, it offers durability, performance, and peace of mind to any Ford car owner or professional mechanic.


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