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The CASE INTERNATIONAL G11539 is a highly durable and reliable transmission disc that measures 11 inches in diameter. This spare part is specifically designed to fit a range of CASE INTERNATIONAL agricultural equipment, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of your tractor or other machinery.

When it comes to transmission systems, the disc plays a crucial role in transmitting power between the engine and the wheels. The CASE INTERNATIONAL G11539 is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. Its 11-inch diameter allows for increased torque and power transfer, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

One key feature of the CASE INTERNATIONAL G11539 is its exceptional braking capability. Its design provides superior heat dissipation, allowing for efficient and reliable braking even under intense usage. This enhances safety and control, particularly when operating on hilly or uneven terrains.

The disc is also designed with wear-resistant properties, enabling it to withstand prolonged use and harsh environmental conditions. This reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving you time and money in the long run. Its robust construction ensures that it can handle high torque loads without the risk of warping or failing, providing peace of mind during demanding agricultural tasks.

The CASE INTERNATIONAL G11539 is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, which means it is designed to meet the exact specifications and standards set by CASE INTERNATIONAL. This ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with your machinery, eliminating the need for modifications or adjustments.

Furthermore, this spare part undergoes rigorous quality control procedures and testing to ensure its reliability and performance. It is backed by a warranty, giving you added confidence in its durability and longevity.

In conclusion, the CASE INTERNATIONAL G11539 transmission disc is a high-quality spare part that offers exceptional braking capabilities, wear resistance, and reliability. Its 11-inch diameter makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications, providing smooth power transfer and improved control. With its OEM design and rigorous quality control, this spare part offers a perfect fit, ensuring optimal performance for your CASE INTERNATIONAL agricultural equipment.


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